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First review of the Oceanis 38

Norweigan sailing magazine SEILmagasine.net have been one of the first to test the brand new Beneteau Oceanis 38, and here's what they had to say.


Sail Magazine, as some of the first journalists in the world, yesterday sailed the new Beneteau Oceanis 38.  It was a positive meeting - complete with eyebrows that were more elevated than usual.

The eyebrows jumped in the air when yours truly went below deck in the new Oceanis 38. The tradition we know so well from sailboats has been challenged here,  with the Oceanis 38 offering a large, open boat below deck. There are large expanses of glass in the ship's side that provides proper light and great views to the outside of boat and the Scots hung suitcases to what you have with you luggage.

HOTEL ROOM. Interior is comfortable, dark and bright colors and my first thought was that I found myself in a hotel room by design type. Here Beneteaus designers dared to take "all out".

Oceanis 38 comes in several varieties and the idea is that you can expand your boat as your needs arise. For example, in the boat we sailed had an insert within bulkhead in the bow that gives you an additional sleeping space.

In sailing terms, the Oceanis 38 did not disappoint despite a single roll mainsail with negative roach and genoa that deserved a little more stable fabric, we made 6.5 knots upwind in 10 knots of wind. If we are to rely on instrument calibration when we sailed around 35-36 degrees relative to the wind.

The boat had the "good feeling" on the beat. It was not hard to find track and sailors who do not at any time want to concentrate on the top speed, the kind and fair.

Beneteau Oceanis 38 is a breath of fresh air in a traditionally minded sailing world.The model would attract more users of the boat, and use of the vessel in another way. 

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